Surviving Holiday Emotions

Whenever a traditional holiday approaches, many couples find they are on an emotional roller coaster with no brakes. They want to please their families and friends by attending festivities, but there is only so much time available. They can feel the pressure mounting as the day approaches, and some of them will find they also have economic issues. Affording some of the lavish celebrations can be more than their budget can handle, and it can cause them to work against each other as the day approaches. Those who find they are arguing more than ever before need to take a step back, and it would be best if they talked out their issues.

Too Many Invitations

Couples who are popular with their families and friends will often find they have too many invitations to holidays, and they must decide where they will go. Some of them might be lucky enough to be able to host their own holiday festivities, but younger couples do not usually have that option. They often feel if they choose one family over the other that they are being disloyal or unfair, and families often put on the pressure to get them to attend. It is a difficult time, and couples must learn how to handle these decisions without causing negative feels with each other or their families.

Economic Difficulties

Many of the traditional holidays seem to require a large infusion of cash for any celebrations, and it can be difficult for couples to afford them. They often feel obligated to hold up their share of the expenses, and arguments can stem from deciding how to economize on other items. Those who believe they should not admit they do not have the funds to contribute will often fall into a pattern of arguing about other things, but they need to recognize it is their lack of courage that is holding them in place. Admitting to economic difficulties can be a way to free them from obligations that do not really matter, and it can help them learn how to control their finances.

Stepping Back

The pressure from family and friends for lavish holiday celebrations can turn a couple’s life into a miserable existence, and it can become a reason for them to end their relationship. Stepping back from the demands of others can be a way for them to sort out what is really important to them, and it can help them form a more solid relationship with their loved ones. Being able to separate out what they believe is important from what others think will strengthen the bond between them.

The holidays can stress even the most experienced couples, so it is important for them to agree on how they will handle the situations that arise. Knowing what they can afford and staying within their budget can be a good way to avoid arguments, and learning how to sort out what really matters is another key to keeping their relationship steady. It might not necessarily please their loved ones if they avoid expensive holidays, but they will at least have each other to celebrate any future holidays.